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Our Site Rules

Honestly you better read these


Do unto others as you think they would want done to them.


Report inappropriate content.


Gratuitous obscenity that serves no practical benefit to a discussion is not permitted.

Violating one or more of these rules may result in an immediate, permanent ban without notice or warning.


Illegal content such as [censored] is, unsurprisingly, not permitted.


Hate speech and abusive or threatening behavior is not permitted, specifically that which directed at any gender, nationality, religion, race, age, pizza topping preference, or sexual identity.


Spam and off-topic content is not permitted, this includes creating spam accounts that only serve to provide profile links or advertise products and services, creating accounts with names that are not the real user, and posting links to outside services.


If you are banned from the Gimkit Creative Forum for trolling, obscene content, or blatant rule violations, you may be banned from this site at the admins' discretion.

Ok, now that we are done with the basic rules, here's the specific rules about everything else.

Rules Directory

The rules section has been updated for easier reference. Click on a link below to go to that section of rules. 

Rules related to the group Code Sharing.

Explains why the mods group exists and how to use it.

General rules to be followed everywhere, but not stated in other categories.

Rules related to

the Groupchat.

Explains the proccess of applying to be a moderator.

Explains the rules for creating your own group.

Learn more about the purpose of the Event Hub.

Explains the site's badge system and lists the badges.

Goes over the consequences of rule violation.

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