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Welcome to the group! This is the place where you'll find big events that happen on this site every now and then.

These events can be hosted by people with the Event Host role, which you can apply for by posting an application in the Event Discussion tab. Be sure to add the "Host Role Application" topic to your post by clicking "Add a topic" and selecting "Host Role Application".

These events are always super fun and exciting! They can be Gimkit gamemodes, Creative maps, contests, and more, and can last from a few hours to a week!

So, when do these events happen?

Well, you can find that out in the "Event Schedule" tab, which you should check up on very frequently if you want to participate in any events! Events are always planned and put on the schedule at least a week before they happen, so at least check the schedule every week.

Whenever an event is going, any information you will need for it will be in the 'CURRENT EVENT!" tab, and also, when events happen, they'll always also be hosted on Gimcord, the Wixsite's new official Discord server, which you can join here:

When an event happens, hop on Gimcord and go to the #event-stage channel to hear the host talking and commentating live!

Thanks for joining the Event Hub, and enjoy all our future events!


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  • October 9, 2023


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